It's network stuff. Run MTR from our server.
Test the network path to any Internet connected system.

What is MTR or My TRaceroute?

MTR is an advanced version of the typical traceroute (or tracepath, tracert, tcptraceroute) command. MTR combines Ping and a traditional traceroute and will ping each hop in the network path. It is a very effective way of discovering packet loss on particular hops in the path when troubleshooting connectivity problems.

Responses are determined from ICMP Time exceeded replies and ICMP echo replies from the destination node. It is possible to have mtr use UDP by specifying -u on the command line. When UDP mode is utilized, MTR watches for ICMP port unreachable packets (type 3, code 3) from the destination.

Install MTR

MTR can be installed under Ubuntu linux by installing the MTR package. A simple apt-get install mtr will do it, or if you prefer use the package manager to install the program. For Windows users there is a win32 based version of mtr that uses the same methodology but completely different code due to the major architecture differences in the operating systems.