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Internet Exchange Points (IXP)
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Remote Traceroute

Troubleshooting network paths with remote traceroute tools

By performing remote traceroute such as those available here at traceroute-online.com it is possible to build a detailed understanding of the path that packets are taking between two points on the Internet. The advantage of a running the traceroute commands remotely is that you can troubleshoot networks that are distant to your current Internet connection.

Looking Glass

A small tool doing big things

Looking Glass Server is software that runs on a server and can be used to perform routing and network testing. Most commonly available through Internet service providers and other network based organizations. On this page you can find a number of looking glass servers for testing remote traceroute connectivity from around different geographic points on the globe.

About Hacker Target

Hosted Vulnerability Scanners, DNS and IP tools

Remote Traceroute and Looking Glass Resources

Route analysis from a global perspective
230 ms
AS4739 -
230 ms
AS1221 -
145 ms
AS10481 -
5 ms
United States - cogentco.com Washinton DC Multiple Locations
AS174 -