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Simply network stuff. Traceroute Online as well as Whois, Dig and other DNS lookup tools. Stuff that will blow your mind.... or maybe just help with troubleshooting and network recon.

Traceroute Map

Traceroute Map of the WorldThis page has an online Traceroute that will test the hops in a network path. It takes the mtr traceroute results, parses them, and plots the results on a world map. If the hops are determined to be only present in the US then the map shown is the USA only. Starting from the server in San Francisco this test will show response times for each responding hop in the path. Non-responding hops will not be listed. Please note that geolocation is not an exact science and discrepancies may be found on occasion in the mapped results.

As you will see from the traceroute mapping the plots between hops all originate from the server that is performing the test. By using this method it is clear to see the response time from the source to the destination hop. Attempting to plot a traceroute on a map similar to what can be seen in the movies is actually quite difficult due to the problem of getting accurate IP address geolocation data.

Traceroute Response Times

Traceroute Response TimesThe response time chart shows the MTR traceroute data in a chart. Using a chart such as the one shown here clearly shows hops where variation in response times is apparent, possibly due to network instability.

Obviously we want our response times to be as small as possible in order to have the best experience when using the Internet. Keep in mind that there are limits to how low a response time can get when pinging the other side of the world. These limits are based on science and physics so upgrading your server will not suffice. A decent response time to the other side of the world is typically in the low 200ms range. While access to Google services are commonly seen under 10ms if you are on a good connection.

Did you know routers can prioritise traffic. It is common to give ICMP packets a lower priority than other traffic. If this is the case the response times listed in the traceroute may not accurately depict the application response times. On the other hand if there is a slow hop for ICMP it is likely this router is having a bad day and the application traffic will also be slow through this hop.

Traceroute Tools

Tracepath, Tracert, tcptraceroute, traceroute and mtr are all similar tools that test the network path using either UDP, ping or tcp. See the wikipedia article for more details on the technical side of traceroute and the tools that we run.

Another tool that can perform a traceroute is the famous open source port scanner Nmap, this can used online at


mtr is a diagnostic tool that combines traceroute and ping to perform a detailed analysis of a network path. The tool will ping each of the hops in the path a numebr of times to get an accurate measure of the stability and response times of each hop in the traceroute.

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The protocol known as whois allows an IP address or a domain name to be queried to determine the owner of that domain name or IP address netblock. Finding the owner of an IP address or domain name is common practice among security analysts and systems administrators who regularly track down abusive systems, spammers or identifying the owners of hacked systems.

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The dig tool is a primarly Linux based tools that is a more feature packed version of the common nslookup command available on Windows and other operating systems. It allows a user to query DNS servers to find DNS related information. Common uses are determing the IP address associated with a domain record or to find the MX server for a domain.

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