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When using IP to ASN enter an IP address or a list of IP addresses. The results will be a comma separated list of ASN's with details.

An autonomous system is a collection of IP routing prefixes. The AS numbers and associated BGP routing is what makes the Internet work. It is how your packet gets from your local ISP to Google, Amazon or the cat videos hosted on the other side of the world.

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Enter an AS number with AS as the prefix. For example Google has an AS number 15169, enter this as AS15169.

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List of ASN by IP count

Top 50 ASN's
ASN Name Num IPs
AS7018 AT&T Services, Inc. 97,467,392
AS721 DoD Network Information Center 89,109,248
AS7922 Comcast Cable Communications, LLC 71,229,952
AS3356 Level 3 Parent, LLC 44,713,472
AS701 MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business 43,088,384
AS71 Hewlett-Packard Company 33,719,552
AS6167 Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless 30,079,744
AS174 Cogent Communications 28,490,752
AS16509 Amazon.com, Inc. 23,219,968
AS8075 Microsoft Corporation 21,563,648
AS209 CenturyLink Communications, LLC 20,831,744
AS1239 Sprint 18,317,056
AS237 Merit Network Inc. 17,911,808
AS2686 AT&T Global Network Services, LLC 17,770,240
AS7377 University of California, San Diego 17,049,856
AS3 Massachusetts Institute of Technology 16,984,064
AS714 Apple Inc. 16,798,976
AS80 General Electric Company 16,777,216
AS22394 Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless 13,387,264
AS35994 Akamai Technologies, Inc. 12,784,128
AS21928 T-Mobile USA, Inc. 12,682,496
AS5650 Frontier Communications of America, Inc. 12,591,360
AS7029 Windstream Communications LLC 12,572,928
AS22773 Cox Communications Inc. 12,186,112
AS14618 Amazon.com, Inc. 11,899,648
AS6389 BellSouth.net Inc. 11,636,224
AS4249 Eli Lilly and Company 11,534,592
AS20115 Charter Communications 11,241,728
AS306 DoD Network Information Center 9,569,024
AS3561 CenturyLink Communications, LLC 9,096,448
AS15169 Google LLC 8,699,648
AS20057 AT&T Mobility LLC 8,667,904
AS10796 Time Warner Cable Internet LLC 8,027,136
AS10507 Sprint Personal Communications Systems 7,985,152
AS2914 NTT America, Inc. 7,173,120
AS2828 MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business 6,892,800
AS33363 Charter Communications, Inc 6,839,552
AS20001 Time Warner Cable Internet LLC 6,772,480
AS3549 Level 3 Parent, LLC 6,605,824
AS702 MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business 6,434,560
AS4323 tw telecom holdings, inc. 6,177,024
AS1668 AOL Transit Data Network 5,807,360
AS6128 Cablevision Systems Corp. 5,216,000
AS11351 Time Warner Cable Internet LLC 5,134,336
AS11427 Time Warner Cable Internet LLC 5,086,720
AS11003 The Procter and Gamble Company 4,689,408
AS16625 Akamai Technologies, Inc. 4,681,728
AS1541 Headquarters, USAISC 4,656,640
AS11426 Time Warner Cable Internet LLC 4,625,408
AS36351 SoftLayer Technologies Inc. 4,601,344
AS10455 Alcatel-Lucent 4,589,568
AS3651 Sprint 4,570,880
AS3360 Computer Sciences Corporation 4,198,912
AS7015 Comcast Cable Communications, LLC 4,113,920
AS385 Air Force Systems Networking 3,801,856
AS33491 Comcast Cable Communications, LLC 3,796,224
AS81 MCNC 3,495,936
AS12271 Time Warner Cable Internet LLC 3,254,016